Vehicle registration & inspection


All vehicles brought to Iceland must be registered and inspected before they can be used. Vehicles are registered in the Icelandic Transport Authority Vehicle Register. This includes information on the make and owners of the vehicle, charges, etc.


Upon registration, a registration number is assigned and the vehicle is cleared through customs and inspected at an inspection body. The vehicle obtains full registration once it has been inspected and insured.


The registration certificate issued to the owner once the vehicle has been registered must be kept in the vehicle at all times.


A vehicle may be deregistered if it is a write-off or if it is to be taken out of the country. Write-off vehicles should be taken to a collection facility such as Hringrás operating in Reykjavík, Akureyri and Reyðarfjörður or to Vaka (Reykjavík) where a special return payment will be received in exchange for the vehicle.


The return payment is paid by inspection bodies of the Icelandic Transport Authority when the vehicle’s number plates are returned to them, together with a certificate from the collection facilities confirming that the vehicle has been brought to them.


Further information can be obtained from the Icelandic Transport Authority.


It is mandatory to take all motor vehicles for regular checks with inspection bodies. The sticker on your number plate indicates what year the next checks are due (the inspection sticker on your number plate must not be removed), and the last figure of the registration number indicates the month in which checks should be carried out. If the last figure is 0, the car should be inspected in October. the inspection certificate must always be inside the vehicle.


Motorcycles should be inspected before 1 July.


If observations are made in relation to the inspected vehicle, the issues indicated need to be addressed and the car taken back for re-inspection.

If vehicle tax or compulsory insurance for the car has not been paid, it will not be admitted for inspection.


If the vehicle is not brought in for inspection at the correct time, the owner/custodian of the vehicle is fined. The fine is charged two months after the time the vehicle was supposed to have been brought in for checks. 


Vehicle inspection:




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