Cycling & electric scooters


Cycling is indeed becoming more popular and more emphasis nowadays on building up cycling paths, not just roads and streets for cars and buses.


Bicycles can be bought from the many bike shops around, all over the island, but they can also be rented for longer or shorter time. Bikes can be all the way from cheap to very expensive of course but all of them can get you from A to B, self-powered or with the help of a small electric motor. Electric bikes are now getting very popular.  


Cycling in Iceland is a website where you can find all kinds of information about cycling, map of cycling routes in Iceland, in the capital area and useful information. 


The use of helmet while cycling is recommended and helmet use is actually mandatory for kids and teenagers under 16 years of age. Since in many cases cyclists are in traffic alongside cars and buses, they are in danger of getting seriously injured if accidents happen. So please be careful at the same time as enjoying the ride and healthy activity of cycling around. 

Electric scooters

Another great way of commuting short distances inside the city or towns is using electric scooters. They can be bought in many stores but that´s in fact unnecessary. Today there are many companies that offer electric scooters for short term rent. Where ever you see a scooter you can jump on and then off when and wherever you are, just paying for the time you had it for. To use the services a phone app is needed to pay for the service. Very convenient they say, and this way of getting about is quiet and environmentally friendly, for sure compared to being a lone in a heavy, fuel consuming car. 


On an electric scooter a helmet is required for everyone under 16 years of age and recommended for all. The same regulations apply to electric scooters and bicycles except the scooters are not supposed to be used on streets for cars, rather cycle paths, sidewalks etc. You can travel quite fast on an electric scooter so it goes without saying, be careful around walking traffic that might be unaware of you as you approach quietly and rush by. 


Here below are highly informative videos about the use of electric scooters with Icelandic, English and Polish subtitles. This is a new way of commuting and worth having a look to get familiar with the rules that apply.

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