Benefit recipients must familiarise themselves with the tax rules applicable to the benefits they receive as, for instance, personal allowances and accident and illness per-diem payments are taxable and are taxed in arrears.

Taxes, discounts and deductions

  • According to tax legislation, disability pension recipients and other benefit recipients may take advantage of deductions that reduce their income tax base.
  • Most local authorities have established rules on various types of assistance for people with disabilities. The extent of the support varies and differs among municipalities. Disabled people may, for example, receive a discount on property taxes.
  • People with disabilities can, among other things, apply for subsidies for the operation of a car, cancellation of vehicle taxes, and fixed fees for home telephones.
  • Disability pension recipients and children with care assessments are among those who pay less for the medicinal products they have to use. The Social Insurance Administration, moreover, contributes towards the dental expenses of people with disabilities.
  • Disabled people pay lower fares than is generally the case for travel on public buses.

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