Dental services

Dental services in Iceland are not free to adults.


If you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or feel you need immediate dental care you can contact emergency dental care in Reykjavík Tannlaeknavaktin.


Would you like to find a dentist near you? Have a look here.


About dental care of children (PDF).

Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry in Iceland is paid for in full by Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) with exception to a annual fee of ISK 2,500 paid upon the first visit to your family dentist each hear. For detailed information look here.


An important condition for IHI’s payment contribution is that a child is registered with a family dentist. The registration is a simple procedure, and parents/caretakers can register their children in the Benefits portal here and can choose a dentist from a list of registered dentists.

Pensioners and the elderly

Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) participates in the general dental costs of pensioners and the elderly.


For general dentistry for the elderly and the disabled, IHI pays half the cost. Attention is drawn to the fact that special rules apply to certain procedures. For the elderly and the disabled who are chronically ill and stay in hospitals, nursing homes or nursing rooms in geriatric institutions, SÍ pays for general dentistry in full.


Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) pays part of the cost of orthodontics. Icelandic Health Insurance pays part of the cost of the necessary orthodontics.


It is a condition that the service is provided by an orthodontist. Both the dentist and the individual sign an application, which the dentist prepares for the individual.


Icelandic Health Insurance provides a grant in the amount of ISK 100,000 for orthodontic treatment with fixed braces at a.m. 10 adult teeth of one palate but ISK 150,000 for such treatment of both palates.


It is a condition that treatment with fixed devices begins before the age of 21 and that the person in question has not previously received a grant for orthodontics.


Grants are paid to an orthodontist as soon as the costs are incurred until the grant amount is fully reimbursed.


An orthodontist fills in the form “application according to Chapter IV” for children with cleft palate and similar cases. Applications for other applicants are sent electronically by the specialist.


Grants are awarded for two trips for orthodontics per year. It is a condition that the person in question enjoys support for orthodontics. Subsidies are also paid for repeated trips due to the most serious cases.


You must apply for Icelandic Health Insurance’s co-payment in advance, in all cases, both for orthodontics and travel grants.

Serious consequences of birth defects, diseases and accidents

Icelandic Health Insurance (IHI) participates in the cost of necessary dental treatment due to serious birth defects such as congenital dental defects, illnesses or accidents.


Renewal of such dental procedures is also reimbursed when renewal is unavoidable due to the limited life of materials or methods.


If a person has a cleft palate, a congenital deficiency of many adult teeth or a similarly serious problem, in these cases IHI pays 95% of the costs.

In other serious cases the reimbursement is 80% based on the tariff of IHI. Dentists themselves decide the price of treatment in their salon. If the dentist’s tariff is higher than the IHI’s tariff, the individual pays the difference.


Dental damage caused by accidents can only be compensated by IHI if the damage is not paid for by a third party, such as an insurance company. Tooth loss in occupational accidents is subject to the rules of accident insurance.


You must apply for a co-payment from IHI before treatment takes place. The dentist prepares the form “Application for participation of health insurance in the cost of orthodontics – serious cases” for applicants with cleft palate and similar cases, but the form “Application for participation of health insurance in the cost of dentistry” or for other serious cases. The dentist and patient / guardian then sign and send to IHI.

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