Heilsugæslustöðvar á Íslandi

When turning to a health care centre it’s advised to start with the one closest to you, even though people have the right to turn to the centre of choice.

Here further below is a list of health care centres in the capital area and out on the country side.

Health care centres are scattered around the island and suburbs of Reykjavík. In the health care centres, all general health care service is provided and these centres should be the first stop for people with all general sicknesses and health issues.

In addition to general medical services, the clinics provide maternity care, infant and child health care, school health care and home nursing.

Children under the age of eighteen are not charged appointment fees at health care clinics or fees for house calls from doctors. However, children who do not have health insurance must pay the full fee.

There are 15 health care centres operated by Heilsugæsla Höfuðborgarsvæðisins (Reykjavík health clinics), in Reykjavík, Seltjarnarnes, Mosfellsumdæmi, Garðabær and Hafnarfjörður. Their location can be found here (interactive map).

Health care centres in the country side are operated by the local health authorities. Information about the health care centres out in the country side can be found here (site in Icelandic).

List of pharmacies out on the country side can be found here.