All workers must contribute part of their wages to a pension fund by law. A fund member, that has contributed to a fund for at least two years, is entitled to disability pension payments if the loss of capacity is assessed as fifty percent or more and the loss of capacity results in a curtailment of income.

  • Persons who have been assessed as disabled may be entitled to various benefit payments and grants. The payments, which may be determined according to a range of factors, are bound by the disability rating of the individual and his or her circumstances.
  • The disability pension recipient is advised to thoroughly examine the information and rules on income linking, as the majority of benefit categories are income-linked.
  • Disability pension recipients must prepare, annually, an income estimate. This estimate forms the basis for calculating the benefits for the coming year.
  • Administration sends benefit recipients a filled-in income estimate form, which they then correct if necessary.
  • The parents of children who are disabled or suffer from serious illness are entitled to care benefits. The payments may continue from the end of maternity/paternity leave until the child is aged 16 or 18.
  • Spouses and those living with disability pension recipients may, under certain circumstances, be entitled to spouse or care benefits.
  • Benefit recipients are obliged to notify the Social Insurance Administration of any changes to their circumstances.

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