The benefits for children of playing sports with a sports club

Group of football girls holding each others during a match

A brochure in eight languages ​​on the benefits of playing sports with a sports club has been published by The National Olympic and Sports Association of Iceland and The Icelandic Youth Association. The brochure is intended for parents of children of foreign origin, but research has shown that the participation of these children is about […]

How to file a tax return

If you worked in Iceland last year you must remember to file your tax return, even if you moved out of the country. Now the Iceland Revenue and customs has published instructions on how to file a tax return in five languages. Filing a tax return can seem complicated at first, especially when you are […]

COVID-19 Vaccination – FAQ’s

Why are we vaccinating for COVID-19? The object of the vaccination is to protect individuals from contracting the disease and to achieve herd immunity, which will prevent the spread of the pandemic. Approximately 60–70% of the population will need to be vaccinated to achieve heard immunity. The plan is to vaccinate approximately 75% of the […]

Equity loan, a new solution for low-income persons

An equity loan is a new solution for low-income families and individuals with limited assets. It is a remedy in aid of those who need assistance to be able to enter the real estate property market. According to the income you can qualify for 20% or 30% equity loan. Those who qualify are first-time buyers, […]

Mobility and Transnational Iceland

A book is out that showcases some of the diverse ways that mobility and transnationalism have characterized Iceland. It covers a wide spectrum of research from different disciplines and perspectives. The book’s title is Mobility and Transnational Iceland – Current Transformations and Global Entanglements and can be found here.   Book abstract:Iceland has increasingly been […]

Status assessments for students of foreign origin now available in 40 languages

The number of students of foreign origin has increased rapidly in Iceland and there has been a great need for assessment tools to assess their academic status. Such a comprehensive assessment tool is now in use, in Icelandic and about 40 other languages, and it is accessible to everyone on the website of the Directorate […]

International mother language day

Cause of the International Mother Language Day on the 21st of February, a treasure hunt is being organised in Icelandic schools.   Teachers in pre-schools and primary schools as well as the staff of leisure centres and community centres are encouraged to register with children and young people, all the languages spoken in each school […]

Félags- og barnamálaráðherra skipar Nichole Leigh Mosty í embætti forstöðumanns Fjölmenningarseturs

Ásmundur Einar Daðason, félags- og barnamálaráðherra, hefur skipað Nichole Leigh Mosty í embætti forstöðumanns Fjölmenningarseturs. Nichole er skipuð til fimm ára og tekur til starfa 1. mars næstkomandi. Nichole er með B.ed. gráðu í leikskólakennarafræðum frá Kennaraháskóla Íslands og M.Ed. í Náms og Kennslufræði frá Háskóla Íslands. Nichole var leiðbeinandi við Leikskólann Heiðarborg frá 2000-2003 […]

Sérfræðingur óskast

Fjölmenningarsetur auglýsir laust til umsóknar starf sérfræðings í málefnum flóttafólks. Um er að ræða tímabundið starf til eins árs með möguleika á framlengingu. Starfshlutfall er 100%. Fjölmenningarsetur tekur þátt í mótun og þróun reynsluverkefnis um samræmda móttöku flóttafólks í samvinnu við félagsmálaráðuneyti, sveitarfélög og Vinnumálastofnun. Um er að ræða verkefni til eins árs og verður […]