About the Multicultural and Information Centre

The task of the Multicultural Centre is to facilitate interrelations between people of different roots and to enhance services to immigrants living in Iceland.

  • Providing government authorities, bodies, companies, associations and individuals with advice and information relating to immigrant issues.
  • Informing immigrants of their rights and obligations;
  • Following developments in immigrant issues in society, by gathering information, researching analysing, informing, etc.;
  • Submitting to ministers, the Immigration Board and other government authorities comments and proposals for action to ensure that everybody is able to take an active role in society, regardless of nationality and origin.

The Multicultural Centre can give information on many aspects of everyday life and administration in Iceland and provide support regarding moving to and from Iceland.

Further information and support can be requested by clicking on the envelope in the top-left corner on the homepage.

Our offices are open weekdays 9am-4pm.