Employment contract

Everyone who works in Iceland should have a written employment contract.

Citizens of EEA states who work for two months or longer for the same employer have the right of a written employment contract.

An employment contract is to contain name, information of employer, information on where the work is done, wages, employment period, resignation clauses and membership in a pension fund and union.

Further information can be found on the Icelandic Confederation of Labour's website (www.asi.is), the Directorate of Labour (www.vinnumalastofnun.is) and the websites of specific unions.

Important to note

  • That wages are in accordance to wage contracts.
  • That work hours are not longer than permissible by law and wage contracts.
  • That leave is paid in accordance with law and wage contracts.
  • That wages are paid for sickness or injuries.
  • That you receive a payslip when wages are paid.
  • That an employer pays taxes on your wages.
  • That your employer pays dues to pension funds and unions.