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Myndlistaskólinn í Reykjavík students produce films for the visually impaired

From the 17th till 21st of November during two workshops children, youngsters and adults, blind and sighted from both countries will work together on producing the short films and animations accessible for visually impaired. The workshops are a part of three years of cultural exchange between Poland and Iceland, aimed to promote cinema, theatre and exhibitions adapted to the needs of the blind. Read more

Improved equity and debt position of 56,000 households. Applicants can see the outcome on the website

The Prime Minister and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, together with the project management team of the principal reduction actions, yesterday announced the outcome of the government's Debt Relief Programme in the conference centre Harpa.

A press release from the primeminestry states that the action has greatest significance for persons with below-average income, who were younger than 40 years of age when the economic collapse occurred, who have little equity in their property and debts of ISK 15-30 million.

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