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Íslenska: 450 3090

English: 450 3090

Polski: 470 4708

Hrvatski: 470 4709

ภาษาไทย: 470 4702

Español: 470 4705

Lietuvių: 470 4706

Русский: 470 4707


Deadline for citizenship application to Althingi is October 3rd 2016

If an applicant does not meet the conditions of the Icelandic Nationality Act (No. 100/1952) to be granted Icelandic citizenship, he/she can request for his/her application to be submitted to Althingi. Read more

Registration for Icelandic language exam starts 20th of September

Registration for Icelandic language exam for Icelandic citizenship applicants starts September 20th 2016. Read more

Presidential candidates for the election on 25th of June 2016

In accordance with Art. 4 of the Act on Candidacy and Election of the President of Iceland Read more

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