Deadline for citizenship applications to Althingi is March 3rd 2017

Althingi may grant Icelandic citizenship by legislation. If an applicant does not meet the conditions of the Icelandic Nationality Act (No. 100/1952) to be granted Icelandic citizenship, he/she can request for his/her application to be submitted to Althingi. Applications are generally submitted to Althingi twice a year, in spring-time and in December. The deadline for applying for Icelandic citizenship this spring is March 3rd 2017. A special application form for a parliamentary procedure needs to be filled out. The application shall contain general information on the applicant and his/her family situation and a concrete reasoning for the request for an exemption from the Nationality Act. In addition to the reasoning the applicant can submit a more detailed memorandum for the reasons for his/her exemption request. The processing fee is 15.000 ISK. Application for a parliamentary procedure Information on supporting documents If an applicant has previously applied for Icelandic citizenship at the Directorate of Immigration he/she does not need to submit all supporting documents again.