Secure support (FS)

The applicant must be able to show secure support and that means any of the following:

  • Employment wages or fixed regular payments.
  • Private funds (for example in a bank account).
  • Payments from other close members of family (if the applicant is a child under 18 or a parent 67 or older).

If support is in the form of employment wages or fixed regular payments you must present an employment contract, payslips or a certificate from the employer on job percentage and duration of employment.

If it is a question of private funds, which the applicant uses for support, they must be in a currency listed at the Central Bank of Iceland ( The same applies to student loans or education grants for students.

Information on reference for minimum support can be found on the Directorate of Immigration's website.


Payments in the form of social assistance from a state or municipality are not considered to be secure support.