Bursting Day (Sprengidagur)

  • 4.3.2014
  • 17.2.2015
  • 9.2.2016
  • 28.2.2017

Bursting Day (Sprengidagur)is the Tuesday in the seventh week before Easter (Shrove Tuesday, Mardi gras). The Icelandic name is probably a misunderstanding of the German word sprengetag commemorating the spreading of Holy water, but the common folk-story is that this is the day to eat until you burst. As in other countries it is a festival of meat before Lent and smoked lamb used to be eaten, but that was replaced by salted lamb and bean stew after salt started being imported to Iceland in the 19th Century.

Reference: Árni Björnsson. 1993. Saga daganna. Reykjavík. Mál og menning.

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